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    Terms and Conditions

    1. General

    These business terms and conditions apply in the online store http://e-turbo.cz. Business terms and conditions and clarify the rights and obligations of the seller and the buyer.

    All contractual relations are concluded in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic, the consumer, the terms of trade relations not governed by the Civil Code (No.. 40/1964 Coll.) And the Consumer Protection Act (No.. 634/1992 Coll.). If a party to any other entity manages these relationships Commercial Code (No.. 513/1991 Coll.), All as amended.

    2. Order and payments

    Minimum order value not established. After submitting the order you will be given at registration email sent confirmation. If your confirmation email does not arrive within 2 hours of confirmation of the order or in the order you will find discrepancies, please contact us immediately. By ordering goods you acknowledge that you have read the Terms and Conditions and agree with them. All orders are sent by pressing "SEND ORDER" are considered binding.

    Payment method


    Invoice (only with permisson)

    Online payment (GoPay)

    3. Registration

    In our shop you can buy as well as registered and not registered customers. Depending on which option you choose, you choose either way:

    • Sign In (for registered customers)
    • Register (for those who want in our shop to set up a user account)

    The advantage of buying with the registration lies in the fact that you have created your user account, which includes information related to the ordering and payment of goods (address, contact information, etc..) And history of previous orders. For each purchase, the following information is automatically displayed and you do not need to always re-listing.

    4. Delivery

    Goods will be sent by  PPL, DPD, SCHENKER, TNT, DHL.

    Prices according to the current price list.

    5. Receipt of shipment

    Awaiting shipment

    If your items arrive damaged - open, damaged packaging, packaging etc. drenched., Do not take it. Ask the carrier of the Protocol on the drafting claims or defect. The consignment will be delivered back to the sender. The fact of the defect is and write a report, please tell us so we can agree on how to proceed. On the later of defects by damage to goods in transit detected beyond the presence postman can not be taken into account.

    Claims for damage to goods during transportation

    In case of damage to goods during transport must be to complain to the vendor quickly as possible. In the case of Czech Post, you can lodge a complaint at any branch within 2 working days from receipt. Czech post office will not accept a claim if the claimed defect is apparent already delivered. In the case of PPL and DPD is the period during which you can report any defects three days. In both cases, it is necessary to maintain the item in its original condition, including packaging and filling. At the same time, please contact us by e-mail, we can help to quickly resolve the situation.

    Checking the goods

    Upon receipt of the shipment, make sure that the delivered goods correspond to your objednávce.V when the package arrives incomplete or incorrectly dispatched immediately notify us by e-mail. By taking damaged goods passes to the buyer responsibility. In the event that the buyer has paid the purchase price goes to him ownership of the goods the takeover.

    6. Personal pick up in-store

    Goods can also be picked up in person at our store. By prior agreement, it is possible to collect the goods and on other days and hours. Goods will be here to pick up after sending the confirmation e-mail that your order is ready. Goods are here for you kept for a period of 3 days from the date of shipment information e-mail, the agreement may be keeping time to adapt to your needs.

    7. Returns

    If you are not satisfied with the goods, you can return without giving any reasons within 14 days of receipt of the shipment back and we will return your choice penízenebo barter for other goods. Returned goods must be complete, undamaged, not consumable and able to be sold. Otherwise you the opportunity to apply his return. Goods send as a valuable package. Shipments sent COD will not be accepted. Along with the goods must be returned invoice or bill. Without it you can not deal with a refund or exchange of goods. If everything is in order the money will be refunded to the buyer debit slip within 30 days from the return. At the request of the buyer can be returned money to their bank account. Money for postage will not be refunded.

    The warranty period begins on receipt of the goods received by the buyer. The warranty period is extended by the period during which the product is in warranty repair. In case of replacement of the product under warranty, the warranty begins to run again from the receipt of new things.

    If the product, its packaging or instructions marked in accordance with specific legislation, the deadline for applications, the warranty period is over that time.

    For cosmetic products, the date of minimum durability shall the words "Best before ...". The date of minimum durability may be stated on the product packaging, the shelf life of 30 months. These products are used symbol open cream jar, inside which is an indication of the length of time the product can be used, for example after opening.'s - If the symbol of an open container specified 12M, it means that the cream must be used within 12 months from opening.

    8. Warranty card

    Seller warrants in writing (warranty). To the extent permitted by the nature of things, instead of the warranty certificate is sufficient to give the buyer proof of purchase, containing the information that must be included warranty card. If given more than the statutory warranty, the seller shall determine the conditions and the extent of the warranty extension on the warranty card. Warranty certificate must contain the name and surname, the name or business name of the seller, ID, registered office, if a legal person, or residence, if a natural person.

    9. Complaints

    Warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use of the item, wear and tear caused by normal use or defects for which the price was decreased.

    Complaints are governed by the Civil Code.

    In the complaint it is necessary to follow this procedure:

    1. The complaint inform us by telephone or via e-mail in the shortest possible time from detection.
    2. Provide the name, address, your bank account number (for the purpose of transferring money in the recognition of the claim) and the reason for return.
    3. The goods send with a copy of the invoice.
    4. Goods should be sent as a valuable package. Shipments sent COD will not be accepted.

    If the complaint is justified, the product will be replaced piece by piece, or refund the amount. The refunded amount does not include the cost of shipping and handling. The money will be credited to your account. In case of unjustified complaints goods will be sent back at buyer's expense. In the case of non-conforming goods is in agreement possible replacement.

    10. Privacy

    The operator is properly registered with the controller of personal data. Personal information is protected from misuse and waste management is governed by Act no. 101/2000 Sb., Protection of Personal Data, as amended.

    Personal information (address, phone, email) that you specify in your order are processed for the purposes of processing orders and communicating with the customer. Operator undertakes not to provide the personal data to third parties, except goods carriers, and only to the extent necessary for delivery.

    By using webshop http://e-turbo.cz/ consent to the collection and use of data about you and your purchases indefinitely. Upon your written request may be deleted after execution of the order.